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Bookkeeping and BAS Package from $330 per quarter

BankLink is a range of tools and services to help accountants and business clients streamline their accounting requirements.  It’s a simple, cost effective and accurate system for completing Business Activity Statements (BAS). The one set of data flows from our ‘BankLinked’ accounting system to the BAS, and to the financial statements and income tax returns.  Bottom line – it is bookkeeping made easier.

So, how does BankLink work? Click here

BankLink collects data from over 100 financial institutions and sends to us secure electronic copies of your statements via the Internet.  At no time are we able to access any of your banking details or operate your account.  You will still receive your regular paper copies of statements. BankLink Invoices and other software to help you is available at no extra charge.

We then send to you each month a coding report which only requires you to write some descriptions for transactions.  As time goes along our system will memorise regular transactions by amount or description.

You can write transaction descriptions in BankLink Notes Online. Or we can use fax, mail, or email.  Your time required is around 15 minutes a month compared to endless hours of head scratching at the computer.

The benefits to you of BankLink can include:

  • Your cash-basis accounts are processed faster, more efficiently
  • You can obtain up-to-date cash-flow information
  • You can receive easy-to-understand monthly management reports
  • You spend much less time on compliance issues, freeing you to work on productive business activities
  • Your GST information will be prepared effectively with no extra effort

We also provide MYOB Professional Partner support, with all the latest MYOB software available to accommodate all of our clients.

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Bookkeeping and BAS
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Bookkeeping and BAS Packages from $330 per quarter. We help you to streamline your accounting requirements through Banklink.